Monday, 11 August 2014

I’m A Pastor But I've Slept With Other Ladies Bcos I Love S3x

I found this interesting piece on Punch and thought I should share it here, this problem seems to be a common complain among men these days. Read on...

 I am a 40-year-old and my wife is 34 years. We have been married for about 12 years with three kids. The problem is that she does not satisfy me séxually and this has made me patronise other women for séx. I am a pastor, but in the last four years, I have had to sleep with two different ladies to satisfy my séxual urges. My wife’s attitude is bad — she would not cook on time; she is dirty and never makes any move to ask for séx. She only agrees whenever she senses that I am angry.

I love her but how do I address this? I want to have her in bed daily because I have stopped all extra-marital affairs since the year began. I had already confessed to her and other co-pastors and I was forgiven.

But there are times I want to go back to my old girlfriends due to loneliness...

What do I do? I have reported her to her family members and my pastors to no avail. What do I do?

- M.I, Ibadan

Reply from Punch's Kemi Ashefon:

As a pastor, you are supposed to serve as an example in good works which include taming the flesh. This is an issue you must address physically and spiritually. If you don’t face your marriage and work things out with your wife, it can collapse and that will affect your ministry.

Carry your wife along in mapping out the best time for séx because it may not be convenient for a mother of three children, who also takes care of the home, to have séx daily. You can be more involved in spiritual activities — prayers, fasting and a thorough study of the word of God. These should help take your mind off séx for a period of time.

Lastly, I think your wife also got some things wrong in her walk with God as a pastor’s wife. The two of you need a re-alignment with God and his instruction on marriage and séx.

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