Monday, 18 August 2014

EXPOSED: Reckless Lifestyle Of Nollywood Babes

Blessing Effiom-Egbe

I actually came across this a few days ago, I did not use it because it sounded or looked like a broken record, same old gist, we heard it all before...... but a closer look at it, and am convinced it is a good one not because of the free s3x or orgies.... we have heard about that before.

But because of the quality of actors and actresses we now see on our home videos!!! Where are the Inis, Oges, Mercys, Jims, Desmonds, Noahs, Omotolas, Genes,Stephanies etc...Agreed we need NEW blood but producers cant tell us these bunch of talent less actors and actresses(for want of a better description) are all we have got!!!

I have since become a "hate watcher" when I am less busy or switch to other channels when see any of their talent less faces. My question to Blessing is, is it only the women/ladies that are involved in this? I still come across annoyingly  talentless male actors all the time. Please tell us how these young men get their roles too!!

I  absolutely agree with you, they that are killing the industry!!!!

Blessing Effiom-Egbe is a respected nollywood producer. she made some Shocking revelations about the dirty lifestyle of top Nollywood actresses, both the single and married ones, as to how they warm the beds of men to get stuffs is out. This expose is coming from a lady who is an insider in the movie industry and has seen it all.

She also revealed that the married women lie to their husbands that they are going to movie location while they are actually going to enjoy themselves with men.

Check out the revelations...

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