Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Three-Year-Old Girl Who 'Woke' At Her Own Funeral 'Has Now Died' (PICTURED)

A three-year-old girl who woke during preparations for her funeral has now died, according to new reports. The miraculous moment the young girl started breathing again at a church in Aurora in the Philippines was caught on film. Watch the video below..

The little girl was originally declared dead on Friday morning after suffering a fever in hospital. Her family were preparing for her burial on Saturday afternoon when a neighbour of the girl's parents saw
the girl move her head. After being lifted out of the coffin she was given water and taken to the hospital before returning home with her parents.

But sadly, reports now suggest the girl did not survive and has been declared dead once again. A doctor assessed her again today and found no signs of life.

Maybe they shouldn't have given her water

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