Saturday, 19 July 2014

T.B. Joshua Foresaw Malaysian Airlines MH17 Plane Crash? (See Evidence)

TB Joshua has released proof that he prophesied about the Malaysian plane crash on February 16,2014

    He said, “I was telling you about Russia that you should pray for the young man, a very charismatic leader, that he should take note of his airspace. Because when I was saying I want to see where this attack is coming from - airspace. It could be in form of aircraft crash or whatever. It could be from a place to that place or that place to that place but it will be connected to --- just to rubbish the wonderful country.

But now they should take care of their airspace. We too we are on our knees praying for the nation, that is, Russia.”
    “I was made to see the airspace; they should take care of the airspace. I am seeing an attack but we will continue to pray.”

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