Friday, 18 July 2014

RCCG Pastor Hacked Down By Boko Haram, Wife And Three Young Kids Location Unknown

News coming in states that a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Borno state was killed in a recent attack by Insurgent group Boko Haram members.
The attack occurred on Dille village in Askira-Uba local government area of the state, on Monday and according to sources on ground.

The pastor, Taiwo Dokun was shot on the head by the attackers as he was running for his life.
Members of the RCCG who talked to Vanguard also revealed that they have no idea on the whereabouts of the late pastor’s wife and three children.

The grieve stricken members said: “The family could have been abducted by the insurgents who took away many of the residents of the town as the family members were not found since the attack and have not called any one.
“Though their residence was completely razed by the insurgents, their corpses were not found in the debris,” one of the church members who preferred anonymity told journalists," He said.

One Jacob Mamza revealed that the unfortunate attack killed 45 innocent lives, Jacob said: “the pastor was in his house at about 6am when the insurgents attacked the village, his house was surrounded by the hoodlums and while attempting to run he was shot.
“Pastor Taiwo was running to a neighbour’s house and it was in the course of his fleeing that he was shot in the head and the chest and the insurgent equally came to butcher him to make sure that he was dead.”

Boko Haram had been more peacefull in it’s first seven years of existence until in 2009 Nigerian military investigating the claim that they where arming themselves, killed their leader and cracked down on their members.
This allowed Shekau a ruthless and heartless killer to take vein of the group and turn them into what we see now.

Their first attack occurred in Borno state, only four people died but since then analysis have revealed that the insurgents have killed more than 3000 innocent Nigerian using their gorilla warfare strategy.
The Group have been forcefully converting people they term as non believers and have been known to use Okada (Motorcycle) as their main mode of transportation when attacking.

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