Thursday, 3 July 2014

Dino Melaye Takes Cover As Wives Text Messages Expose Him (SEE TWEETS)

 Practically everyone was shocked when Dino Melaye's ex brother in-law, Moses Fabiyi revealed on Twitter yesterday that Dino's second wife, Alero Falope has also abandoned their marriage. Reason cited was domestic violence, same reason Dino's ex-wife and mum of his three kids, Tokunbo Fabiyi left their marriage and is now asking for a divorce and custody of kids.

Some concerned fans immediately reached out to Dino after the news went out, asking him to clear the air only for Dino to say all the stories were lies.

Unfortunately for him, barely minutes after he denied the story, a family source took to Twitter to share private messages between his first wife Tokunbo Fabiyi and his second wife, Alero. In the messages, Alero revealed why she had to abandon her marriage to Dino. She also took out time to apologise to Tokunbo Fabiyi, Dino's first wife, telling her that Dino has been brainwashing her sons, against her!
Read it all below:


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