Monday, 21 July 2014

Angry Warri Pastor Breaks Anointing Oil Bottle On Member

Warri, I hail o! Gist coming in from Warri On Saturday,19th of July 2014, has it that one of Warri's Pastors recieved several dirty slaps from a woman he was trying to deliver.This happened at a church in Warri,Delta state. The Church  was having its usual monthly vigil tagged “No friend for jungle”.

The church pastor,Pastor Osas as he’s popularly called was carrying out a deliverance session,healing people from all kinds of infirmities and releasing them from bondages,then this dreadful event took place.
The pastor was trying to deliver a woman with an evil spirit when the woman slapped the pastor twice.

At first,the pastor continued praying but when the second slap came,he stopped praying,dropped his bible and hit the woman on the head with his anointing oil bottle,making the woman go unconscious.

When the pastor was asked why he followed such a violent step,he said “its operation NO FRIEND FOR JUNGLE na FIRE FOR FIRE,the spirit in her attacked and I attacked back which calmed it down.”

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