Sunday, 1 June 2014

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO! Woman Beaten To Death With A Metal Bar Inside Chinese Macdonald

A man (right) beat a woman to death in a McDonald's restaurant in China.

 A woman was beaten to death in a McDonald's restaurant in China because she would not give her killers her phone number, reports say.

Gruesome footage of the incident in Zhaoyuan, eastern China, has been posted on the Internet.
It shows a man hitting the woman victim in the head with a metal bar as people watch on.
The woman, said to be a mother in her 20s, is heard screaming out in pain.
There were conflicting reports about why the woman was attacked, reports Metro.

One report claimed the attacker was angry she spurned his advances.

Another said the attacker was part of a group who wanted to recruit the victim to their cult, but she was not interested.

Six members of a religious cult, known as Quannengshen, including four members of the same family, have been arrested over the murder.

If you are interested Click here to see video. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT


*View Point does not understand why people would stand around watch and do nothing while another human being is molested and beaten to death.

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