Friday, 20 June 2014

PHOTO: Ladies, Have You Heard About C-String? See Them!

Ladies, G-string is no longer the in thing. Modern fashion keeps throwing up this stuff in our faces and we seem poerless to do something about it.
Ladies, if you did not get the first time let me repeat it for the sake of clearity . It's no longer G-string but C-string.

This micro-sized undergarment gives you little covering, meant for those bold minded ladies.
They come in different colours, just like your G-strings or underpants.

They look pretty much uncomfortable though with them just hanging up your backside, firm though....*Who is to say*
But, how do you manage to wear those and walk around conveniently? They may not be for everyday don't you think?
Here are few of them for your eyes only

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