Wednesday, 11 June 2014


This young lady graduated recently and at her convocation ceremony had to attend to her hungry baby.
This picture taken of her feeding the baby  has since gone viral with many people slamming the young lady for  breastfeeding her baby  openly in public.
What is wrong with our world? A hungry baby can no longer be feed when he is hungry because it hurts the sensibilities of some perverts?
She is at a public function! Do we expect her to go into the toilet to breastfeed?

Some say cover the child up, Do you cover up when you eat? For those of you who say cover up, go ahead and try it, and tell us if you were able to.
Common people, it is time we say things the way are. Any man who feels sexually threatened at the sight of another man's wife feeding her baby is nothing but a pervert!!

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