Tuesday, 27 May 2014

‘She Compressed My Testicles’: Pastor Accuses Wife Of Abuse


A pastor in Oyo has pleaded with a court to end the relationship between him and his wife after he accused her of abuse.
Matthew Olumide told a Mapo Customary Court sitting in Ibadan, the state capital that his wife, Oluyemisi had attempted to destroy his male organ.
He said:

    “Oluyemisi exposed me to public ridicule when she tore my clothes, including my underwear, and compressed my testicles. I spent several weeks in the hospital and when I returned, she warned me not to receive visitors if I needed my life. She falsely accused me of having extra marital affair with my church secretary”

    “She does not even take care of domestic issues like preparing my food and that of the children anymore. I have to combine all that with evangelism when I should be resting. In fact, she has almost snuffed life out of me“

The wife on the other hand had a different story to tell as she said that she was the one who was always being assaulted by Olumide and his family members. She said:

    “He had a wife before he married me, and they are still seeing each other till date. He even invites her to our night vigils. Olumide asked me not to work and yet, he does not take care of me”

The case was adjourned till June 9 for further hearing.

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