Thursday, 29 May 2014


 There is a calculated attempt by agents of the Presidency to sell a lie to Nigerians that Sanusi Lamido was not in any way saying the truth about missing Oil money and that Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke and her men at the NNPC have been cleared of the allegations.

Here is a clarification: 

The recent media reports claiming that the Senate Committee on Finance has cleared the NNPC of any unaccounted revenue fund is not true. Though I could not attend the last meeting of the committee, I have been very active in the investigation. Nothing significant has changed to suggest clearing anybody. I can say on behalf of the Committee that these media reports bear no correlation to the content of the Senate Committee report and I would urge the public to disregard it in its entirety.

That the Committee is yet to receive the report on forensic audit and independent analysis on the subject clearly indicate that we have a lot of grounds to cover in order to determine the level of culpability or otherwise of the agency on the alleged non-committal.

So, to suggest any clearance for anybody at this stage is out of the question.

I will further advise that the media should wait for the senate to release the details of the Committee report to the public before they jump into spurious conclusions.

Signed: Senator 'Bukola Saraki
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