Monday, 26 May 2014

REVEALED: The Real Reason Rob Kardashian Skipped Kim And Kayne's Wedding

The real reason why Rob left his sister's wedding has been revealed, the speculation had been that he left because of a huge family row, as he was seen in tears at the airport while he waited for his flight.
Well contrary to these reports that Rob left Kim's wedding because he hated how extravagant they were, it has been revealed that the reason was just because he didn't want to appear in wedding pics because of his weight gain. According to TMZ.

    "Rob has become so insecure and depressed about his appearance ... he refused to be in the family wedding pics, despite his family's encouragement.We're told the Kardashians were heartbroken and tried to support Rob, saying he doesn't look bad ... but he still wasn't down to pose.Things got heated because the more they insisted, the more Rob dug in his heels ... and eventually he made the call to fly home alone"

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