Monday, 26 May 2014

How The Man Who Challenged Jos Suicide Bomber Died In The Blast Meant For Over 400 Football Fans

Relatives of the victims Jos saturday bombing

Contrary to reports that only the bomber died in a failed attempt in Jos on Saturday, 4 people actually lost their lives . That night, Over 400 football fans had  gathered to watch the EUFA Championship League match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Three people were confirmed dead on the spot in the blast while the fourth died on Sunday morning thus raising the death toll to four.

According to Punch, One of the football lovers at the centre, Muhammed Ibrahim, said over 400 youths were watching the match when the incident happened.

    “The viewing centre is large. Television sets were placed at various points and it was crowded and in fact, over 400 of us would have been killed had the bomber succeeded,”

Another witness, Alhaji Garba Ahmad, who said he lost his senior brother, Bello, in the blast, said the bomber had first attempted to enter the viewing centre but was prevented by a barricade erected along the road

    “He then turned back and tried to enter through a garage, but also encountered a wall between the centre and the garage,”

He added that in frustration, the bomber packed the car, a Honda Odyssey, in front of a house.

    “When we saw the car, unusually packed in front of our house, my brother challenged him. He told my brother that his car had a fault and wanted to repair it. My brother then asked him to take the car away. Sensing something unusual I went inside and asked all the members of our family to leave the house. Just as my brother was persuading the man to leave our premises, he (the bomber) entered the car and immediately he started it. It exploded and killed my brother, his son and his friend.”

It was also gathered that the bomber had gone to the viewing centre earlier in the day.

An official of the National Emergency Management Agency, Mr. Mohammed Suleiman, told our correspondent that the agency received a distress call at about 9 pm on Saturday and immediately rushed to the scene to carry out a search and rescue operation. He said that three people died on the spot, while the body of the fourth person was discovered on Sunday morning.

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