Saturday, 31 May 2014

My Husband Begged Me To Allow Him Use My Womb For Money Rituals – Wife Tells Court

A man in Oyo has urged a court to end his marriage of 11 years due to his wife’s troublesome nature.
Ademola Adelanwa told the customary court sitting in the Idi-Ose, Ibadan area that his wife, Opeyemi was always nagging.
The wife on the other hand said that she had suspected her husband of stealing her panties because he had once asked her to let him use her womb for money rituals.
As reported by Tribune

    Ademola told the court that his wife was in the habit of blackmailing and accusing him falsely before their family members, neighbours and church members.
    He added that he had since stopped attending church programmes and packed out of the family house and now stays in a rented apartment.

    “There was a time she accused me of stealing her panties for money rituals.
    “I was embarrassed when I learnt she had told people about it.
    “ As God would have it, she later found her panties in the village,” he said.
    “My wife is fond of nagging, causing trouble and likes to prove tough in the home.
    “I have been putting up with her troublesome nature over the years and on three
    occasions, considered seeking a divorce, but changed my mind because I had to put some things into consideration.

    “ I was forced to send her out of our home the last time she fought with me,” he added.
    Opeyemi, reacting to the allegations admitted that she accused her husband of stealing her panties because he was the only person she could point fingers at since he once urged her to allow him use her womb for money rituals.
    She stated that they had endured a lot and stayed together despite the low financial status of the family and swore that under no circumstance would she marry another man. She, therefore, prayed the court not to grant her husband’s prayer.

    The court president, Amusa Makinde, observed that the two parties had not displayed enough love to sustain their marriage and therefore urged them to have a rethink for the sake of their children.
    He adjourned the case till June 2.
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