Friday, 2 May 2014


I got this hot gist from SDK blog ,if you call us Aproko you won't be far from the truth.
According to Stella's gist.....

 The person in question is a Governor in one of the Southern States of Nigeria. His popular second name which begins with the first alphabet is so popular that people call it without remembering his first name. ….A stammerer will not go beyond pronouncing the first alphabet.

The story goes that he met this slim lady from the Southern part of Africa (country begins with the last alphabet) at a public function and they got talking…..they talked and talked …them talk so teey…..

In no time, the Governor had invited the lady to his home state and before you could say Atutupuyoyo, she was given such a huge contract that even those in that department in Government House were grumbling but they dared not speak up….if he hear!

 *whispering *….The contract is a media contract to bring foreign reporters to hype the governors image

…..So around the time the contract happened was when the romantic relationship begun in full force. The lady who is an Independent Producer for a multi-national Media Outfit and used to visit Nigeria once in a while now became a regular and their love tryst gathered HOT steam. …..her company name begins with Morufu  and you can find the rest in what ladies wear to sleep at night to protect their hair.

Their favourite venue is a top hotel on the Island. ….this hotel can be linked to a word that sounds like radical but unless your eyes are blue you can never ever go there for a swim…if you are smart enough,please drop the last letter of that four lettered coloured word.

The big story now is that the lady who status somewhat not single is about five months pregnant-and all who know about the affair swear on crooked legs that the papa of the pikin is who you are trying to decode.
This Governor has his name here and there and if you call him controversial you are not far from the truth,however wearing him a pair of colourful Gucci shirts to an event will not shield the truth.

Decoding this name is easy  however make sure you get the correct name because there are two south south ogas who fit into this description .

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