Friday, 2 May 2014



The parents of the abducted girls have vowed to go Sambisa forest in search oh their daughters, they say they are ready to go any length.
The distraught mother of one of the girls kidnapped in Borno has told the Hausa service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that she and some other parents were willing to go to any length to save their children.
The woman, identified simply as Ajoke, told the BBC that the parents would soon march naked to the Sambisa forest stronghold of the Boko Haram terrorists to secure the release of their children.
She said that the parents were not impressed with the government and the fact that it had done next to nothing to bring back their children

    “We are not comfortable with the government, if not, how can our daughters be locked in the school, then all of a sudden some people would appear with their vehicles and packed our daughters like goats, run away with them without anyone raising the alarm” she said.

Another woman, Hajiya Asmau Joda, also spoke to the BBC. She said:
 “Two weeks have gone with no trace of the missing girls and the government is not saying anything
about it. We’ve not seen the government making any effort because no single girl is returned to her family. Only those that were lucky to escape, those that had the courage to jump and run away from the abductors. Some even had fractures; therefore we know it was not the government of Nigeria that saved those girls.
“We are gathered here to show the government how sad we are, because they are not concerned. We want to beg them to wake up and find our daughters. It is unusual to see women staging a protest, but since men are unable and women have come out to protest from many parts of the country, it is our hope that the government will now take the issue, much more seriously.”

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