Thursday, 10 April 2014


A Chinese woman has been arrested after she allegedly tried to chop off her son's hand with a meat cleaver during a furious row with her husband at the family home in Shanghai. Mingmei Sun, 34, was annoyed that her husband had not come home earlier to help the boy with his homework, leaving her to do it instead, police said. A furious row erupted that resulted in her husband Tu, 36, walking away and locking himself in the bedroom.
Frustrated and furious that her husband was ignoring her she grabbed eight-year-old Mingming, who had been crying in the corner while his parents argued, and then got a meat cleaver and pulled him into the kitchen. She then put the boy's hand on the kitchen table and allegedly tried to chop it off.

However, although she failed to do this, she still left her son in agony as she managed to slice three of his fingers off.
The boy's screams alerted his father, who rushed out and rescued him and took him to the nearest hospital, where doctors on Tuesday were attempting to reattach the fingers. A doctor Mei Ling, 52, said:

‘The child was brought to hospital screaming in pain by his worried father. He had lost a lot of blood, but the father had managed to pick up the three missing fingers and had wrapped them in a tea towel with some ice. Due to the father's quick thinking we were able to take the boy into the operating theatre where we tried to reattach the fingers. Hopefully the boy will make a full recovery but we will not know until a few days after the operation.’
The police said that the wife has been arrested and is currently in custody.

What kind of a mother is this?

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