Wednesday, 2 April 2014

African Immigrants Caught Trying To Sneak Into UK Bound Lorries (PHOTOS)

This is the dramatic moment a gang of would-be immigrants run to board a moving lorry from the French port of Calais to Britain.The images captured by MigrationWatch show them running through the port into moving trucks.The fact that most of them get killed or die of lack of air does nothing to deter them.
When asked why they were trying to board the lorries, one told the Mail:

    ‘We have to go to your country. Take me to England.I will get there – I have to. I have lived in countries throughout Europe since I left Africa five years ago, but Britain is where I want to be.

We either try to get in the back of lorries, or get underneath and on to the axle depending on how many seconds we think we have when they stop at junctions or have to slow down on the road into the port.The police do not stop us. Even if you get caught, the police let you go, and you can try again."

The hustle is for real oh...More below:

Lorry driver Keith Taylor, 57, said he does not believe French police have any desire to stop migrants getting on to vehicles going to Britain, adding:
‘They just turn a blind eye. Why would they try to stop them?
'They do not want them living here. I do not stop my lorry here if I am on my way to Dover as it is too risky. If you stop anywhere, you know they will try and break in.
The problem is, if we get caught with one of them on the lorry we get fined £2,000 per immigrant. At the moment the policing in Calais is extremely light-touch. You hardly ever see them out on patrol.’

 Most of the migrants are sleeping in the main camp on a disused railway line just beside the main port where ferries go  to Dover. Men gathered for several hours at the junction near the port, relentlessly trying to break into vehicles or get underneath to sit on the axle, but police did nothing. When a force car passed by it did not stop and no attempt was made to apprehend the men.

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