Thursday, 27 March 2014

(PHOTO) 'Madman's' Blackerry Phone Rings And Opens Bag Of Human Tongues + Dangerous Weapon.

Things are really happening , Ring Road in Ibadan town was the scene of another strange occurrence, yesterday's shocking revelations comes just four days after a house of horror was exposed.

The Madman apprehended in the above pic was known to all as just that….a man that was mad.

The only difference was that unknown to many,he was a madman with a blackberry phone that he probably uses to ping his colleagues.

Hmmmm…so yesterday was just like every other day except that whilst people were going about minding their businesses,Mr madman's blackberry phone which he forgot to put on silent rang and shattered the serene

Shocked passersby stopped,listened carefully and exclaimed

''Aye mi ooh,Craseman carry phone? mo gbe!

That was how he was searched and not only was a phone found on him but things that chills the blood were also hidden in his madams garb - things like tongues,cutlass and an axe!

According to Vanguard reports, residents of Ibadan rushed to catch a glimpse of the suspected human eater but the suspect was, however, whisked away by armed policemen to avert jungle justice.


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