Monday, 17 February 2014

17-year-old boy found dead inside electricity transformer ‘he tried to vandalize’

A young man in Niger is said to have lost his life after being electrocuted by a transformer in the Kpakungu area of Minna, the state capital.
Residents discovered the corpse of the unidentified teenager, believed to be between 17-20 years of age, due to the stench the natural process of decomposition was causing.

The victim is said to have been found inside the Power Holding Company of Nigeria transformer and was allegedly killed in an attempt to vandalize it.
The Eagle Online reports:

The lifeless body of the boy, suspected to be between 17 years and 20 years, wearing a T-shirt that was torn upon a pair of jeans trousers, was discovered right inside the transformer. The body had already turned black.
The boy, whose mission, our correspondent gathered, was to steal copper from the transformer serving Supreme Water factory and environs, may have died about two days before his lifeless body was discovered by passers-by.
The offensive odour oozing from the already decomposing body, which had been
attracting flies, our correspondent gathered, prompted people in the neighbourhood to conduct a search of where and what could have caused the stench.
The search party, it was gathered, was shocked to behold the lifeless body of a teenager, with a rubber slippers, which he used to pad his two arms, apparently to avoid being electrocuted, as he crawled through the transformer, one of the residents of the area told our correspondent.
Some of the people interviewed in the area recalled how the vandals had made life unbearable for them as it was becoming a routine thing for the transformer to break down every now and then due to the antics of the criminals.
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