Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Woman Leaves Her Dead Husband In Bed For 6 Months Because She Was Praying For His Resurrection

Van owned by the Wald family in front of their home 

A woman refused to bury her dead husband because she was praying for his resurrection, police in Canada said.

52-year-old Peter Wald died after refusing to seek treatment for an infection, believing that God would heal him.

After Wald’s death, his family refused to bury him because they believed that God will answer their prayers and resurrect him. His body ended up laying six months in an upstairs bedroom of his home in Hamilton.

When neighbors asked Wald’s wife, 50-year-old Kaling Wald, where her husband went, she said that he is in God's hand. Kaling was arrested and she pleaded guilty to failing to notify the police about a death.

Peter Wald suffered from diabetes. His left foot had become infected, but he refused to go to a hospital as he believed that God would heal him.

He went into a coma, and died several days later. Kaling Wald covered the body with two blankets and locked the bedroom door.

Police found out about the dead body after the mortgage company moved to evict Kaling Wald, as she did not pay her debt.

Kaling was sentenced to 18 months probation.

Source: WWWN

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