Friday, 26 December 2014

Topless FEMEN Activist Grabs Baby Jesus In St Peter’s Square

A Vatican police officer  arrested a topless woman at the famous Peter’s Square on Christmas Day after she grabbed Baby Jesus figurine.

The woman who is an activist from the feminist group FEMEN had the words “God Is Woman”  daubed in large letters on her chest. The police officer was able to  wrest the figurine away from her.

Although the incident occurred well after Pope Francis delivered his Christmas message from the balcony of St Peter’s Basilica, thousands of pilgrims were still in the famous square.

The action was in protest against “the centuries-old Vatican stance on women's rights for own body and reproductive function,” the group's webpage states. FEMEN has announced an anti-clerical "Massacre of the Innocents" campaign, calling for the stealing of Baby Jesus from churches around the world.

“The maniacal desire to control women's fertility is a common trait of many religions, National Socialism, nationalism and other antediluvian, anti-humanist ideologies. Abortion is sacred,” the group says on its site.

This is not the first time that FEMEN has targeted Vatican City. On November 14, several topless women protested in St. Peter's Square against Pope Francis’ visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Their slogan that time was “The pope is not a politician, god is not a magician.”

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