Friday, 26 December 2014

Pretty Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Okoro Set To Wed Nigerian Billionaire

Hot gist online right now is that all is set for pretty Ghanian actress Yvonne Okoro to wed a Billionaire from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

According to the gist from SDK, Ghanaian Olofofos say the besotted lover boy has been to Ghana three times to see her parents and any moment from now the hush hush wedding will take place because lover boy does not want his business out there....not anymore.

Yvonne who is in love with the Igbo billionaire was so excited when he proposed to her and Ghanaian olofofos say that for saying yes, lover boy has sent her on a whooping shopping spree even though he was spoiling her silly with cash before he proposed.

The man who has swept Yvonne off her feet is not new to marriage and has had his fingers burnt twice even though he is yet to have his own child...The last time he tried marriage his fingers were roasted by the bride who was accused of all sorts of atrosities.

Releasing the name of the man Yvonne is about to marry will break the internet and probably interrupt their wedding plans and my Ghanaian olofofos scream ''Stella this marriage news will shake the movie industry if the identity of the groom is released,please guard it safe until after they marry.

Yvonne is from a very humble home and she is a good girl who has found love at last and lover boy is ready to settle down this time because Yvonne is a diamond''.

As you read this,Wedding plans are loading for Yvonne....I hear she is nervous and panicky and judging from whom she is about to marry,i do not blame her.

All i can say is that everyone deserves a second chance at love.....

Happy Married life in advance to Yvonne and her man....

Hey Eastern Nigeria, Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro is about to be escorted into the East!When she marries and she decides to keep her last name and add the hubbys name, her initials will become YOO.


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