Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Lady Steals 55k From Customer In First Bank Banking Hall

This story was shared by a blogger who said, it happened right before her eyes, people should learn to be patient, He did not have any emergency why jump the queue. I don't even know why people don't feel embarrassed when then sleep in public offices.

Please read:
Drama happened inside first bank at osapa london branch this morning. I was inside this bank to withdraw some amount of money. Inside this bank there was a very huge crowd and a very long queue.

This guy came in to deposit some cash (55 thousand naira) but when he saw the crowd he didn't want to queue and went to the front to approach a lady who is around no ten on the queue and begged her to help in paying his cash.

He gave the already filled teller to that lady and the cash after standing for about two to three minutes. He went to sit on a seat very close to the queue. Few minutes later, he really enjoy the coolness of the air condition and surrendered to sleep.

When it was about three people before that lady, she looked back and discovered that that guy is already sleeping. She just told the next person that she is coming and left the banking hall through the exit door.

By the time this guy woke up, she was gone. It was like a dream. He asked the people in front if they saw a lady in green top and they reply she left few seconds ago. He ran outside but the lady was no where to be found. He was outside the bank shouting my boss money.

Now see what he caused himself by being inpatient. Hmm my people be careful this is not a joke, I was an eye witness. It happened around 10:30 am today.

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