Thursday, 4 December 2014

Female Doctor Offers Patients S*x In Exchange For Prescribing Medications

A Norwegian female doctor is in trouble for demanding sex from her patients in exchange for prescribing medication. The docor came under fire after one of her patients reported her to the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision. According to WWWN

The Board will now decide whether to cancel the doctor's license to practice medicine.

The doctor of Telemark, abused her position by offering sex to patients for prescribed medications, investigators told the Board.

The doctor’s conduct came to light when a patient filed a complaint about her behavior.

The case was investigated by the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision and the police.

Detectives seized the doctor’s mobile phones, where they found text messages, which the doctor sent to patients.

The doctor mentioned having sex several times.

The doctor has apologized for her misconduct.

In a written apology, she said: "I admit that I have made many mistakes in my contact with patients. My communication was unacceptable for a doctor-patient relationship, and I sincerely apologize."

The Norwegian Board of Health Supervision said that they will not press criminal charges against the doctor.

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