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Serial Killer Nurse Emerges From Court Smiling As She's Flooded With Marriage Proposals (PHOTOS)

Daniela Poggiali, 42, made headlines worldwide when sickening selfies emerged of her smiling over the dead body of an elderly woman.Investigators fear she may have murdered as many as three in a single day.

Detectives say Poggiali's alleged murders were not a twisted form of euthanasia but the power trip of 'a megalomaniac with a God complex.'

However, Poggiali has no history of mental illness and none of the traits of a psychopath
 To add to the horrific list of accusations, police also suspect she stole cash and belongings from her vulnerable elderly patients as she plotted to kill them because they 'annoyed' her.

Miss Poggiali, who was photographed laughing as she was hauled handcuffed into court last week, claims she is innocent of murder and is the victim of a plot by a colleague with a grudge. She is even suing the hospital for wrongful dismissal.

Meanwhile, the blonde is said to be receiving slews of fan mail and even marriage proposals in prison.

 Dr Mancini said:

     'Our investigation shows that between 2012 and 2014, 93 patients in her care died. The nearest of her colleagues to that figure was 45. All the other nurses were present at less than 30 deaths.We don't have proof that all these patients were murdered, but nevertheless 93 is a disturbing number.'

Manuela Alci, the daughter of 78-year-old Rosa Calderoni, told investigators that a blonde nurse had asked them to leave her mother's room 'as she had things to do'.

    'After ten minutes we came back in and saw that there was a small glass phial attached to my mother which hadn't been there before and which ran out in just a few minutes.From this moment I noticed unusual behaviour on the part of my mother, her arm started twitching manically and her eyes started rolling back.'

A few minutes later Mrs Calderoni was dead. It was discovered that two vials of potassium chloride had gone missing from the hospital.

The medicine is very hard to detect as it leaves the body within hours. But on this occasion doctors were swift to test the elderly woman's aqueous humour which is in her eyeball - where it is easiest to detect.

There they found the poison in a quantity which would have caused a heart attack. They also found a syringe which had contained potassium in a disposal unit.

Believing they finally had sufficient evidence of a murder they finally reported Poggiali to the police.

Investigators found two sickening pictures on Poggiali's phone. In the first she is grinning and giving a thumbs up while standing victorious over the obviously dead body of an elderly woman. In the second she is lying back with her mouth open in a cruel imitation of the woman's dying position

 Culled from Mailonline 

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