Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Our African Men Are Born To Love More Than One Woman ––Sunny Ade's Wife

 Queen Ahneva Adeniyi-Adegeye is one of King Sunny Ade , Nigeria's juju music maestro's  many wives. A woman who has decided to live with reality. Queen Ahneva Adeniyi-Adegeye.

 The fashion icon has urged ladies to stop trying to fight what they can't as a man who wants to have other women will do so, no matter what.

Despite fights from wives, many husbands still have mistresses. Read what she said below:

  “Once you see any man, you see polygamy. No African man has one wife. I don’t care if he’s an indigenous African American or African Caribbean, it’s in their nature to spread love across and to have more than one woman they love.

    "Polygamy only puts a stamp on it to make legal. Most men have a wife, a mistress and a concubine. So, in a way, polygamy is every where in Africa and all over the world.”

And African women are born to accept it!!

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