Saturday, 22 November 2014

Married Woman Busted With Young Lover By Her Husband

A married woman was caught red handed by husband commiting adultry with a younger lover.
According to sources the husband who had been hearing rumours of his wife's escapades, decided to set a trap for her.

He told his wife he was travelling out of town for a week, immediately the husband left it was gathered that the woman quickly arranged for her lover, a young boy, to come visit  her at home.

Unfortunately for her, her husband was hanging around the neighborhood.  He caught her and the young chap red handed. Neigbhours who witnessed the incident were shocked, because many people were said to be looking up to her, before now, as a good woman.

She has  blaimed the devil for tempting her into committing the unholy act.

Sources also disclosed that the husband would not listen to her pleas for forgiveness and has sent her out of his house.

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