Friday, 21 November 2014

Father Drapes Daughter In $600,000 Jewellery On Her Wedding Day (Photos)

 An Indian sweet maker had caused public outrage after covering his daughter in gold jewellery worth more than $600,000 for her wedding...He also made sure he was draped in his own huge collection of his own gold chains.

According to Indian Times, the pair's flaunting of their wealth that the local police force sent a guard of  officers to the wedding to ensure they weren't attacked and robbed as the wedding party traveled through poverty-stricken neighbourhoods on their way to and from the ceremony.

 Their names have not been made public, but their show of wealth was was widely condemned on social media sites once the images from a mobile phone was shared, with people branding it both crass and shocking.

Others said the pair should be humiliated by so an unapologetic display of wealth in a country where millions of families struggle to find enough money to feed themselves every day.

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