Thursday, 23 October 2014

Nigerian Man Turned Woman, Ms Sahhara Opens Up On Her Love Life

Ms Sahhara

 He/She is "officially" Nigeria's first open transgender. The transgender  formerly known as Clifford lived in Abuja for several years before moving to London, United Kingdom, where she has been living as a female for over 7 years.

He/She is now in a relationship with a man and Ms Sahhara has decided to open up on how difficult it is for people who do what he/she has done to get a man to date, not to talk of marriage. Below is what she posted online:

“I have a new found respect for men who date/love/marry women like us: .................They get the same hate/discrimination we are subjected to every single day, even from their so called 'friends'.............Ignorant fools asking them stupid questions 'Did you know she used to be 'this' and 'that'? Why her? What does she have between her legs?

    What is the s*x like? takes a real man with a heart of gold to look past all of that negativity to be with whom they love. Love is unconditional........I am a very lucky woman to be loved by my partner unconditionally amidst so much hate. — feeling Proud.”

Wish you all the best in your relationship

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