Friday, 31 October 2014

Marathoner Poos On Himself During A Race (PHOTO)

 Gene Brock is  81-year-old  from Arlington, Texas. Brock, who says it is challenge to run along side younger athletes before the marathon did not contend with the challenges possed by his own body system.

He was running the White Rock Marathon in Dallas for the 40th time, which will make him the oldest person ever to run in the race. Brock says

“It’s a dubious honor,”  “It’s a challenge. Since I find myself the oldest one, I wonder: ‘How long can I keep this up?’ It’s a mental goal. It’s a macho thing.”

I wonder if he felt macho after the poo came out? Anyway a man is got to do what a man is got do and so he went poo in his pants!! During the race!! See how the people are looking at him what do you think could be going through their minds?


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