Thursday, 9 October 2014

Man Kills Wife, Says Prophet Directed Him To Do It

Ismail Yakubu, a resident of Lagos reportedly confessed to the killing of his wife, Silifat.  The mutilated body of Silifat, a mother 3 was discovered in a small river, allegedly dumped there by Ismail

Vanguard reports with reference to Lagos police that the woman’s mutilated lifeless body was discovered October 4 in a small river near Araromi Ale Olorunda Local Council Development Area.

The middle-aged victim was apparently dumped in a small river after she had been murdered. Locals, who reported the case to the police, disclosed that some of her body parts, such as her eyes, breasts and uterus, were missing upon discovery.

Ambimbola Sule, a commercial motorcyclist in the area, said:
“Residents in the community woke up on Saturday morning to find the lifeless body of a woman inside the river that leads into Igbele. Initially, people could not identify the person because her face had several cuts. She was wearing a lace gown, with no underwears.”

Several people were arrested by police in connection with the incident which initially resembled a ritual killing.

However  majority of them were released and the woman’s husband, detained on the next day, remained the main suspect.

It was further reported that the man made a shocking confession. He allegedly not only admitted killing his wife but also said he was directed to do so by a prophet, who told him she was using his star.
Yakubu reportedly failed to drive the body far from the site of murder and dumped it in the nearby river.

Yakubu’s neighbour Iya Korede described the deceased and the suspect, currently in custody, to journalists:
“Most of the people in the area do not know her husband because he goes early to work and comes back late. But his wife is a very hard working woman. She built the house they live in. As if that was not enough, she bought a commercial bus for him. What else does he want? If he was tired of the marriage, he should have driven her away instead of killing her.”

Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu confirmed the information saying that Yakubu had confessed to the crime.

Why did he not predict that you will get caught?

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