Sunday, 26 October 2014

Fraudster Fakes Being In Coma For Two Years To Avoid Court Judgement

Coma: Alan Knight pretended that he was a quadriplegic and tried to evade justice by admitting himself to hospital

A British fraudster pretended to suffer a serious neck injury that left him in a comatose state for two years, Swansea, Wales.

Alan Knight was arrested in 2012 for the alleged theft but delayed going to court for two years. He claimed to be a quadriplegic having no movement from the neck down.

All this time he was living on benefits and “systematically” funneled huge amounts of money out of the elderly neighbour’s bank account which he used to pay for holidays and shopping.

Knight and his wife even attempted to prove Knight’s medical condition by photographing themselves in their home with Knight appearing to be in a coma – unconscious and surrounded by medical equipment.

Coma: Helen Knight, 33, claimed she had to look after her husband at their Swansea home

Police officers tried to bring him court but each time he admitted himself to hospital claiming his condition had deteriorated. Once, doctors spotted him eating, wiping his face and even writing in his hospital room.

Knight appearing to be unconscious and surrounded by medical equipment

Fraudster’s deceit was uncovered when Knight together with his wife was caught on CCTV camera making shopping in a local supermarket. He finally appeared in court in a wheel chair and wearing a neck brace to admit the charges.

Faced with the video evidence, he pleaded guilty to 19 counts of forgery, fraud and theft. He was warned he faced a jail sentence next month.

Coma: Knight together with his wife was caught on CCTV camera making shopping in a local supermarket
Caught on CCTV shopping in company of his wife

Time to face the music

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