Friday, 31 October 2014

Birthday Present From Dad Turns Teen Into A millionaire At 19

I wonder what must have gone through Deisi Ocampo's head when  her dad presented her with her birthday present.

Deisi who was 19 on the 6th of October got 2 lottery tickets from her dad as birthday gifts on the morning of the 6th.

A day after her birthday she said she began to shake and sweat out of nervousness when after scratching the second ticket she discovered that she had won $4,000,000. She could not be lieve her eyes

She told ABC news that her dad could not believe either, he asked her if it was $500 she said no $4m
The new millionaire plans to share her winning with her dad so he can buy a house for her, mum and her sibling.

She has no plans of quiting her job at a clothing store.

She plans to use part of the money to pay for a college education, as her ambition is to become a nurse and help take  care for babies

Expectedly she says this was her best birthday ever!

Illinois Lottery

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