Saturday, 20 September 2014

This Man Waited 16 Hours To Buy His iPhone 6 For Himself And Girlfriend (PICTURED)

PHOTO: Eduardo Campos was the first person out the door of Apples flagship store in New York City with the new iPhone 6.

Eduardo Campos, of New York City, waited 16 days outside New York City's flagship Apple store to get a new iPhone 6 for himself -- and an iPhone 6 Plus he said he planned to give to his girlfriend.

Even though Campos wasn't the first in line at the store on Fifth Avenue, the iPhone enthusiast was the first person who waited weeks in line to walk out the door of the Apple store with new hardware in hand. He beamed as he showed off his gold, 128 GB iPhone 6.

"My first thoughts? It feels so light," he told ABC News. "It is very smooth and looks gorgeous in gold. ... I'm quite excited to start using this."

The crowd cheered when the doors opened at 8 a.m. and the first people in line, including Campos, filed into the store, dragging along their suitcases and folding chairs.

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