Thursday, 11 September 2014

Raped To Death: Man Dies After He Was Forced To Have Sex With His 6 Wives


A man has died in Benue state after being forced to have sexual intercourse with all of his six wives.
The deceased, Uroko Onoja, a wealthy businessman in Ogbadibo LGA of the state, was reportedly having sex with the youngest of his wives, when the other five spouses stormed in, armed with knives and sticks, demanding he make love to all of them as well.

A terrified Onoja acquiesced to their demands and successfully carried out the act with four of the wives, but while about making love to the fifth wife, he stopped breathing.

According to reports, Onoja’s wives held a meeting to discuss the sexual ambush, while he was away, drinking at a bar in Ugbugbu, Ogbadibo.

When he returned at around 3 am, he went straight to the bedroom of his youngest wife, after which the remaining wives came in and insisted that he had sex with them.

The youngest wife, whom he was making love to, stated that the other wives ran into the forest when they realised that Onoja had given up the ghost.

The businessman was described as a philanthropist who contributed positively to the growth of his local community.
The head of his village, Okpe Odoh, confirmed that the incident had been reported to police

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