Friday, 26 September 2014

Popular Pastor Gives His Members Petrol To Drink (PHOTOS)

The controversy surrounding Pastor Lesego of South Africa and his mode of worship got another boost on the 31st of August, when he gave members of his church petrol to drink.

After making his church members eat grass like goats and even stepping on them like condemn clothes, the popular Pastor Lesego Daniel is back again with something very bizarre.

Pastor Lesego, in his live sunday service on August 31, 2014, prayed on a bottle of petrol to be turned into what he called Pineapple Juice. The pastor then started giving the Petrol turned Juice to any member of the church who is bold enough to have a sip of the "special drink".

After drinking, some of the women even said it is sweet like juice. See the video below:

Only God can save His children from these people and He did that already... if only His children would heed the words of the Gospel hmmmmm

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