Friday, 19 September 2014

Man Sells Wife To Ritualists In Plateau State

 Men of the Nigerian police force have arrested a man for selling his own wife to black magic practitioners who were looking for a vir-gin to sacrifice, all in a bid to make quick money.

According to police, the deal which was struck in the central Nigerian state of Plateau was cancelled at the last minute when the ritualists realised that the woman was not a virgin but a housewife.

“The man lured his wife to a bush under the pretext of fetching firewood and sold her to two ritualists for 800,000 naira (about $5,000), Plateau state police spokesman Abuh Emmanuel told AFP. He said the man, from Kwalla town, lied to the ritualists that the woman was a virgin and had been given part of the money.

“When the ritualists discovered that the woman was the man’s wife, they asked her to go because she could not be used for the sacrifice,” he said.

The husband and his two accomplices were arrested after the wife reported the incident to the police.

“The suspects are in our custody and will be taken to court for criminal conspiracy and an attempted murder,” he said.

 If you can't trust your spouse with your life then there is big trouble in the land

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