Thursday, 25 September 2014

House Help Thrown From Six Story Building For Demanding Her Salary (Graphic Image)

A 20 year old house  help form Ivory Coast was sent to her early grave in Lebanon by her Lebanese boss for demanding for her salary.

On the 24 of July residents of  Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon witnessed this dramatic event that lead to the death of the 20 year old (names withheld) when her boss pushed her from the sixth floor of the apartment building to her death.

According to Africa24Monde the young Ivorian left her country years ago to better her lot and started working as a house help in Lebanon.

Little did she know  she would never return home to her native country alive.

According to sources close to the deseased, a young Cameroonian by name, Migguinawa Hamann, her boss did not take kindly to her demand for payment for job done and in annoyance pushed her from the sixth floor of the building. She died instantly



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