Monday, 1 September 2014


Yesterday 31st of August was Holy Communion Sunday in The Apostolic Church.
For members of The Apostolic Church, at 32 Edgerley Road, Calabar in Cross Rivers State, it also marked the end of a week long youth conference.

According to the members they were asked to buy the youth conference file at cost of N500, this instruction which came from the Pastor of the Church did not go down well with Parishioners.

To ensure compliance our source disclosed that, the Pastor said there would be no Holy Communion for all those who refuse to buy the conference file, he then allegedly drove away almost all the adults of the church simply because they refused to buy the conference file.

Commenting on the Issue an adult member of the Church, who spoke to View Point  said  "I have never seen where they pay for holy communion". "I would like to know when  The Apostolic Church started collecting money for holy communion?"
 Others wanted the  National headquarters (LAWNA) to throw more light on this, and call the Pastor to order if he was out of order.

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