Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Why Peter Okoye Threatened To Expose Bank..

About three weeks ago, Peter Okoye of P-Square took to twitter to threaten to expose a bank over fraudulent transactions. He gave the bank 5 days to return his money or be exposed and sued (Read it here).

Well, five days has passed and Peter hasn't said anything about the issue again...but I just found out what went down...

Will tell you what happened but will leave out the name of the bank. So in May, Peter Okoye found out that millions of Naira had been withdrawn from one of his personal accounts with a bank leaving him with less than N300k.

He met with the management of the bank to find out what happened and they promised to resolve it. Fast forward to August and the money hadn't been returned and so Peter went on social media to threaten.

Immediately he made the threat online, the bank called him begging him not to mention their name, that the money will be refunded soon. They called him for a meeting about two weeks ago and told him to give them 11 working days to refund the money.

Well, the eleven working days has expired and Peter still hasn't received his money. I hear he may speak officially on it anytime soon.

Source: LIB

Hmmmm...with all the bank fraud suspects EFCC has been parading of late hope your money nor go waka go o!! Reminds me of the joke about the bank robbers that stole 20 million only to  hear on the news that they stole 100 million....sey you get? You know na add it to the numbers, money na money abi you write name for your own?....May it not be your portion o!

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