Sunday, 17 August 2014


Finally light at the end of the tunnel. The first Ebola patient to be confrimed positive has been discharged in Lagos.
The Minster of Health Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu confirmed this saying the patient ,a female now tested negative. Though he  did not reveal her name,the first to be tested was Doctor Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, a consultant and Endocrinologist at First Consultant Hospital,Lagos.She was the first person to be diagnosed shortly after Sawyer's death..
He said .......

    The EOC has advised me to announce that the first ‎Nigerian to be confirmed to have Ebola Virus Disease has this evening been discharged from the isolation unit at the Mainland Hospital, Lagos.
    “I have consulted with the experts, and they said clearly that there was a discharge protocol that was employed for this particular patient.

It has been followed strictly and was concluded today‎ and what you are getting now is the final outcome.“Ordinarily, if she had been afflicted with another illness, she would have been discharged long before now”.“The total number of confirmed cases of EVD in the country was now 12, with four deaths and 189 under surveillance in Lagos and six in Enugu,”

“As you are aware, the patients under treatment have now been moved to the new 40-bed capacity isolation ward provided by Lagos State government. Additional equipment has also been made available to the new isolation ward by the Federal Government”.

He also said Nanosilver (the drug which was to be used on Ebola Patients)failed to pass the ethical test, will not be used.

    “You will recall that, last Thursday, I announced that we were ready to deploy an experimental drug, Nano Silver; it was not cleared by the National Health Research Ethics Committee.

    “Although the drug has since been made available to the EOC in Lagos, it has not been administered on any patient because we were awaiting clearance by ‎the National Health Research Ethics Committee.

    “I regret to inform you that the drug did not meet the requirements of the National Health Research Ethics Code. Accordingly, approval for its use was withheld by the National Health Research Ethics Committee.”

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