Thursday, 28 August 2014

Update On Girl Who Was Forced To Sit On Burning Electric Cooker

Yesterday I published a story about a young house help who was forced by her madam   to sit on a burning electric cooker because she allegedly wet the bed? (Read it here). Well, here's an update on the case.

The woman's name is Roseline Uzoamaka and she has been arrested. She was arrested on Sunday night by the police at Kubwa police station who then transferred the case to the Dutsen Alhaji Police Division of the Federal Capital Territory Police Command, Abuja.

The girl is 14 years old according to sources and her name is Sarah. She's currently recuperating at the hospital. Quite a lot of NGOs have gotten involved and one in particular is planning to take Mrs Uzoamaka to court for child brutality. Sarah is said to be related to the woman's husband and was brought to Abuja to help the family domestically.

Justice must be served!! The husband just stood around and did nothing as usual..smh!! Shame on men who allow their wives to get away with these atrocities!! same for women who allow their husbands to molest and maltreat house helps!!

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