Saturday, 30 August 2014

Presidency Gives Sokoto Assembly Money To Impeach Wamako

 The governor of Sokoto State, Aliyu Wamakko, has revealed that the Presidency in cahoots with some dirty politicians in the state have made clear attempts to induce members of the State House of Assembly to cook up charges and commence impeachment process against him.

The governor made the disclosure after the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Lawalli Zayyana, stated that members of the House were induced by the Presidency with cash incentives to disregard law and order and impeach the governor from office.

  The Governor said: “To me this action sends a message to those idle minds in Abuja who are trying to destroy what Nigeria has achieved since independence. The Federal Government has failed in view of the wanton corruption, insecurity and human rights abuse but instead of addressing these problems, it is busy trying to create trouble in Sokoto.”

The offence of Governor Wamakko is that he dumped PDP and joined APC.

Speaking when the House of Assembly members paid him a solidarity visit at Government House, Wamakko stated that some selfish politicians were working in tandem with the Presidency to create chaos in the state so as to bring down his administration.

He maintained that the Federal Government had failed in tackling corruption and the security challenges bedevilling the country, because the Presidency always go about chasing chadow.

Wamakko wondered why the Federal Government was bent on creating chaos in the state instead of focusing its attention on tackling the myriad of problems affecting the country.

“I feel humbled by the unique action of the 27 members of the Sokoto House of Assembly to denounce attempts by the Federal Government to lure them through cash incentives to disregard law and order. This is an indication of their love for Sokoto and belief in the rule of law.

“So, let me pass a message to these idle minds in Abuja that Sokoto is not a place where money can buy people’s conscience”, Governor Wamakko averred.

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