Monday, 4 August 2014

Medical Doctor Contracts Ebola Virus In Lagos

At this point every Nigerian just has to be extra careful, especially those in Lagos. You never know where these two persons would have visited in recent times. Caution is the watch word here, for your own safety!

The government has confirmed two fresh Ebola cases in Lagos. The medical doctor who attend to late Mr Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian man who brought the deadly Ebola virus into the country, has contacted the virus along with the health worker who also took care of the late man.

People are advised not to panic, but take all necessary precautions to stay safe and remain safe. The Ebola is a deadly disease and it kills within just one month. Please all suspected cases should be reported promptly.

Some other persons who had contact with the late Mr Patrick Sawyer are being closely monitored.

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