Sunday, 3 August 2014


Don't Shave Your Pubic Hair…?

To Shave or Not to Shave, that is the question. While the purpose of other areas of the vagina are more-or-less understood, when it comes to pubic hair, the answers are less clear-cut. We are not even sure why humans have pubic hair, since we're the only species on the planet to have it. It is believed to have something to do with the trapping of pheromones – the odors we secrete during sexual arousal.

There are also theories that it helps with lubrication between partners during sex, or that it helped keep the genitals warm during prehistoric times.

There are other hypotheses about why we have hair on our pubic places. Some people believe that it keeps our genitals warm. In prehistoric times, when only a loincloth was worn to cover the penis or vulva, this might have held true. However, if the primary job of pubic hair was to keep the genitals warm, males would probably have hair on the shaft of their penis and more hair on the scrotum to insulate the testicles. Additionally, females would have hair on the skin of their lower torso to insulate the internal reproductive organs.

An additional theory suggests that the purpose of pubic tresses for women is similar to that of cilia in the nose (a.k.a., nose hair) and eyelashes. In this case, the pubic hair prevents dirt and particles from entering the vagina. However, one problem with this theory is that men don't have similar protective locks around the opening of their urethra.

Whatever it's for, suddenly it seems like it is the norm for adult women to shave most or all of it off. This trend began in the 90s but accelerated in the 2000s where, according to a recent study, many young women today find pubic hair “repulsive.” They receive their cues not from men, it goes on to say, but from other women who also shave. So what should you do? The answer is: whatever you like.

I need to find out why it is  called public hair too! Is it not hidden from public glare?

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