Friday, 22 August 2014

Allen Iverson: Former NBA Star, Once A Rich Man, Now A Pauper Begging For $1 On The Streets Of Atlanta

Former NBA All Star MVP player now lives a homeless man on the streets of Atlanta
Fame comes with glory and onto it is added wealth; the discreet use it wisely while the reckless lavish theirs, with a false belief that it will keep coming.

Even a river dries up, why then won't a man made resource shut down; Allen Iverson was a revered basketballer in the early part of the 21st century.

At 6ft 1 inc, Iverson did more than the regular 7ft basketballers would do, brands chased him with bounties, just that he did business with them or use something made by them
He was such an enigma that you wouldn't mention the 10 best NBA players without his name falling in the middle

How the once great is no longer a fancy:
The present state of this 39 year-old who made over 200 Million dollars in his playing career is something a mad man would not even wish for
Allen Iverson can hardly feed now, neither can he even afford 1 dollar for a common cheeseburger, the wrecks of divorce may have also contributed to the downfall of this once NBA all star player.

The troubled player was seen outside of an Atlanta mall begging for change, and the saddest thing; no one could even tell it was Allen Iverson 'the point guard'

According to reports, the people described him as 'a man with a disheveled appearance', to make matters worse, when security arrived, they ordered him out of the mall

“One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was asking my hero to leave the mall. It was very sad to see him in such a bad place. I really hope he gets his life together and somehow returns to prominence,” a security guard Jason Seaworth at the mall said.

Iverson is a victim of frivoulous lifestyle and reckless spending on gaudy jewelry, expensive cars, and wasteful luxury; he once admitted in his divorce proceeding that he was so broke he did not own  a $1, confirming this by turning his pocket inside-out
“I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger.”

The former 76ers point guard has a $30 million trust with sports brand, Reebok but that he can only access when he is 55

One good thing of this painful story is that he is still hopeful of bouncing back to the top where he belongs
Already he has been called up for a November basketball charity event in Manila, Phillipines; he will be coaching 'Ball Up Streetball All-Stars'team

Life!!!! it it will play you back...I pray he lives to be 55, hoping he has learnt his lesson well

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