Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Private Jet Carrying Some Governors Will Crash - Abuja Top Pastor

General Overseer of God of Cham­pion Royal As­sembly, Brother Joshua Ignila,has dished out more prophecies after his spot on World Cup prediction (He predicted Germany would win).

According to the Sun, he told his congregation that,Boko haram leader,Shekau would be captured soon and a low ranking officer will shoot him on the leg..Also said Abuja residents should be careful between today,Monday and Wednesday

    "I hear the sound of bomb in the city and I call on security agen­cies to tighten security in Abuja between Monday and Wednesday.”

He predicted also that a private jet carry­ing some governors who are opposed to certain decisions in the country would crash...He said:

    "I have warned them through my broadcast on Champions Television and I have tried to reach out to those I saw in my predic­tion.It is going to happen soon and nobody should blame anybody for it. It is either they retreat from that meeting they want to attend or they will perish.”

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