Wednesday, 9 July 2014

3 UK Teenagers Fetch Water, Sleep In Mechanic Workshop In “Lagos Slum” For BBC Reality TV Show (PHOTOS)

 Have you heard of BBC3‘s “Slum Survivors” reality TV show?
Slum Survivors features young jobseekers in the UK looking for apprenticeships abroad. They embark on a crash course in urban survival in some of the world’s biggest slums in various countries including Nigeria, India and Indonesia.
The series kicked off in Lagos, which according to the BBC is a city obsessed with cars.
The teens live, eat, and breathe the life of a typical Lagos roadside garage worker, as well as get their hands dirty for 10 days.

The teens are 17-year-old Muj who says he has never worked a day in his life, 18-year-old Kayleigh a strong minded girl who hopes to become a mechanic and 19-year-old Sean who is frustrated that after studying for two years and applying for 300 jobs he is still unemployed.

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